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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

byebye 2009...hello 2010

take pic with my lovely dog
she is so cute~~~~~~muackz......
the last day of 2009!!!!it was so hot weather at outside!!!!!!
my skin gonna burn!!!!!!!
haha....u looks fashionable....
sansan: "y my master like to make joke on me???wuwuwu"

sansan:"huh????2010 la?????i getting older...faster date me la wei!!! "

let's we shout byebye2009!!!and hello to 2010!!!!a new happy year again!!!!!everything gonna new...saw someone post at fbit write>>2010!!!!a new new hair...and new bf!!!!!!!sob~~~~who wants me????lol.....XP

*the last post in 2009_____end

*tonight gonna be a gd gd nite_pyjamas party soon

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