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Sunday, December 27, 2009

alvins and the chipmunks2

yesterday headed to pavilion
for the movie"alvins and the chipmunks"
i was like aawwwwwwwww
ohh-la-la~~~~~~~~~like them so much

when i search them in google
google give me those picture
and it helps me suddenly rmb my kids memory
i rmb that when i was kid, i was so addicted to this cartoon
i watched it everytime and i started imagine
if i be with them together for the adventure journey hahaha
formerly,this is the first edition of alvins

for recently
the alvins rechanged to another version
which is more 3d feel
now is come to the alvins and the chipmunks2
chipmunks and the chipettes
they said"brittany looks like my cartoon version"
oh-my-god guess what???
they are act teasing on me but not praise
they feeling like my dancing skill are just same with her
jz noe the S-SHAPE of dancing muahahahaha

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