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Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year 2010

happy new year 2010!!!!!!!
the crazy enough nite....
act v r going to have the pyjamas party
but....haha...dunno why..all become bbq party+ water party
(less taking pic for tat day)

we enjoys the foods and the alcohols at that night
we buy a lots of food until we cant finish all
so maybe we decide have a steamboat at sunday????
and we buy 1 boxes of beer at that night too!!!!
and guess what???we also buy 1 boxes of spray !!!!!!
wuhooooooo~~~~~~shouting shouting~~~~~

some of the boyscute beiling...c her expression then u will noe..

kage,,cow and papa...
look at papa..he dancing there with the rockmusic.....
pretty sunday^^
wa...u can eat so many anot???hahaha

aili and sunday
sry..the pic is out of focus....muahahaha
aili,,,thx for the mihun and the curry chicken
is very very very very super very very very tasty....thumbs-up^______^
nice ya...i wan eat again...can anot???
thx for the curry's really gd taste for me!!!!!!

this expression
this is wat i said>>>>crazy+water game
the boys are fighting with the girls.....
we are all wet!!!!!!!!!!and it was so cold at the midnight!!!!!!
and the warmest is....we do enjoy
and we are all together here looking at the pretty fireworks....
happy new years again!!!!!! 2010!!!!!!