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Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas to all

maison for christmas nite
with my family gang

the crazy and fun nite
karlston and aili
guess what
v r like shouting together!!! together!!!together!!!!
i think aili dunwan fren with me more...wakakaka
but u both look ok wat

deng deng deng
me and sunday

the lengzai group
finally danielle come meet us
tagged u tagged u
i loves the loklok which in front of maison
i eating non-stop
they say i look like many days din eat
they all drunk ord
especially aili and andy

look at aili
she ord drunk
how cute she was^^

hey dun cover ur face la
ord noe u come for tonight
dun scared ppl c u coming

right hand side
look at vincent papa
eating the hotdog lol==

me and sunday

aiyoyo aili

the most funny

who r showing the watch to the camera

vincent papa and me
he was the guy who noe how to take care for anyone
we but beiling cant get in
how sad it was

the boys

my family potrait
taken at the stage
v r all stand up to the stage
boys are allowed to stand at stage
when the club is getting closed

taking few polaroid pic tat night
upload nx post

again,merry christmas
wish u all dream may come true

where my christmas present?huh??

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