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Thursday, November 26, 2009


quattro last sat nite
around 2am++ thn v only headed to there
meet anternal

anternal finally with the manager take pic together
once upon a time, iko is her manager wahahaha
until today, position not changed
4am++ we move to titiwangsa mc
i was too exhausted
order a coke and chit chat there
and guess what??
i feel so hungry
want to eat the mc egg but too tired
when can i eat the mc egg???
i ways sleep till afternoon
no chnace for me to have it
take pic with jynn
my best best friend from primary skol until now
same primary skol,same secondary skol...
but not feel bored with her
she jokes well and understand me the most
clap hand^_____^
*dunno what pose i am...feel weird==
take other spec to self-shoot hahaha

am i look like a teacher????

with andy___the most talkactive and hyperactive and hyperacting

bonus his zoom in photo
his favourite>>zoom in to capture sumbody

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