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Thursday, January 14, 2010

passion of foods

kinda tired==
keep outings non-stop and lots of things need to do now
final year in skol...tough

ok,,let's we flash back from last week
saturday morning 8++ went to bukit tinggi (haven post yet)
thn at night went to xyi birthday party at OPERA
that night was so so so crowded
and i drunk ~~~~~~~~~~~cnt even stand straight omg!!!!!!!!
scary man...i drunk so much tat day...heineken+vodka+whisky
happy birthday to xyi
(no pic for that day)
the next day,,wakeup so early..i stil drunk
and today have to go out for shufang birthday
happy birthday to shufang
sry for not taking pic with u
next time v hang out again ya
act v plan to picnic but finally failed
luckily,,if not,,i wil be tired like ghost
thn,,,v change our plan..went to pavilion
watch ju-on,,,not nice at all...
the ghost is funny...fake...
dinner at pavilion be4 start movie
and then...
the food is look like rojakk....
the waiter told us to do so....their eating way....
so v just follow...hihihi
the food not nice tooooo~~~~~~~~~is too many pepper la....
aili and iko...
funny aili...
and another day,,went to little taiwan have our breakfast
yummy^^feel excited when i think that v gonna go taiwan soon
our foods

i like their pearl milk tea

and monday,the first day of skol
after skol,,went to sgwang
with hwiyee,iko and aili
and having breakfast at here
i din eat,,just drink pearl milk tea
but my fren face told me that the foods was sucks..
pity them==but also finish the foods
sleepy hwiyee and aili

she at taiwan now hohoho

and then,,try to look this pic more clearly

yerrrr....she put the vege on the coupon..hahahaha

hwiyee get sick in the next says maybe denggi....omg!!!!and she keep said sgwang have mosquito==

get well soon ya

waiting u back to skol^^

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  1. i think the mosquito is from ur room...^^why post my so ulgy photo=='