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Saturday, January 2, 2010


1-1-2010 the first day of 2010
a new life,,,a new year,,,and a new phone!!!!!!!!!!!
daddy want to buy a new hp for me!!!!!!!
i was like wuhoooooo~~~~~jumping here and there!!!!!
he asked me to choose myself and he will pay

so that night
we went to pavilion first for our dinner_crystal jade
we order so many foos and desserts
wahahah...thn after eating...we walk to the sg wang
the adventure start~~~~~~~~
from the way(from pavilion to sg wang)
tat night i was wearing a super high heel shoe
and we pass the light traffic
there have a countdown 15 seconds for us to cross over the road
wow~~~~~~and i was running with my high heel shoe!!!!!!
and my mum was like shouting...faster faster!!!!!!....5...4....3....2.......1!!!!!!
it continue again and again...i think 3 times....
repeat and i have to fight with the time and my leg
i bet i run like a crazy woman,,,wahahaha...
u can imagine that....its really funny~~~~~~~~

finally have my new hp!!!!!!!
i was thinking satio better or w995i better????
very confuse which1 is act better???
at last,,,i choose for w995i!!!!!
choose the red color for my phone!!!I never use red phone before....
i hope it can bring me the gd luck at 2010!!!!!!
last,,,,really thanks to my daddy^^
bro also got his new hp...same as mine
but he is black 1~~~~~~
and we walk back to pavilion again...
it was raining~~~~omg~~~~~~~~
we walk until half....
and then my daddy say, "want some drinks???"
"yes,,,sure...i wan!!!totally and i ned rest!!!!!"(for my leg)
so v enjoy our drinks at lot 10 DOME
mummy and daddy
haha...look at mummy very bitter
whole family chit chat there and enjoy the night scene!!!!!!!guess wat????
there was fireworks in the night!!!!!!!!
very very very and very nice!!!!!!!
and daddy said that i can shoot the fireworks with my new hp!!!!!
it was so so so so coincidence and lucky!!!!!!!
i hope 2010 will be a gd year for me^^

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