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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eat & Shop

In a serenity afternoon,,wat are u guys doing???
me?? with my dudes going to bangsar to have our lunch tea time
and plan to shop at there....

guess what restaurant is this???
a restaurant called LA BODEGA,,a spain's restaurant...

some retail wine

they also have sell some cookiessssss........can i have one???
(sell by units)

me and aili
no makeup for that day^^lazy me

the design for the spain restaurant...very nice and unique!!!!!
can bring out the feel of spain~~~~

my food!!!!! spain's pasta
cooked by turket ham and spain cheese and mushroom and blablabla

ready to eat~~

the decoration of the restaurant....
old style feel....special enough!!!!

3 girls and 1 boys for that day
andy and beiling

andy,,what hair color that u dye???har???
he was moody whole day just because he unsatiesfied of his hair color!!!!lol
we..chit-chat and there...girls gossips..muahahaha

i do like this design...
some of the menu write in the blackboard...using the color chalk
the cakes that selling....with art nouveau pattern!!!!special !!
beiling and me

enjoy the days^^

after having some shopping,,we get tired and thirsty
just because we keep climb up and down to the bangsar's shops....
opps.....really very very we decided to have our rest
in baskin robbins ice-cream shop
what a tired face!!!

the ice cream~~~~yummy^^
but i stil love more with haagen dazs !!!
the best choice ever!!!


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  2. The spain's restaurant look nice!!! ^^

    Haagen dazz~~ "BRANDED" ice cream
    for me it's vy vy sweet!
    I almost throw the ice cream when i eat @.@

  3. rich to eat so much but say no money everyday = =

  4. ilkyo>>ya,,,the restaurant really nice...hahaha...haagen dazz??very sweet ma???pity throw away le...
    fousing>>lol....i earn my money my own de...blerkkkk