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Sunday, January 3, 2010

BRIAN birthday21st

happy birthday to u...uncle brian
hahaha...act he just same age with me....should be 20 for this year
(i noe...i getting old and old...having the 2+ in front for my years...
no more 1+ again....but i haven birthday i stil was 19 years old...lalalala)
okay,,back to topic,,,so he going to celebrate his birthday by chinese way..
means he ord 21st from now!!!!!!!!

an invitation card from him
how special and creative are???hahahaha
try to look more clearly..there was a clock and a chinese calender behind him
it represent the time and date that u need to attend for the party night

and he invited more than 200++ppl come to his house
wow....included the lecturer of dasein...
suprise to c them in the party night....hahaha
and suprise to c many of old fren...
which is primary skol..and also secondary skol
yes,,,the world is getting so small now...linked one by one together

the birthday partier at that night
seamus and me

finally we meet....mengyee...the girl who i noe since secondary skol...together tuition and learn dance....ah puipuipui...gonna miss u soon...dunno which year which month v can meet again==

the girls...from left( even puiling)
i was so long din meet puiling since graduate from my secondary skol
she was from a skol transfer to our class and we be classmate when form 5
and now..guess what???she is my fren's gf now!!!!!!wow....i gonna repeat again
the world really small and small....

the huge birthday cake by the sign of 21st (XXI)

brian and his family

brian~~~~~the birthday guy

woan yuen!!!!!she is my primary skol's classmate....and she is brian secondary skol's classmate....nice to c her again~~~~

aili and me~~~~~no need introduce ord...
she now always appear in my blog....wakakaka

light makeup for that night...eyeliner and fake lashes more...

great to know many new friends and meet many old friends at there^^


  1. lalalalala~~i like appear in ur blog!!!

  2. lol..i thought is who tim~~~great to hear u continue writing blog!!!!

  3. haha~~since very free at hum!!! so continue write lo~~wakakaka