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Monday, June 29, 2009

yesterday and today

go swg
with niewei baobei
somebody talk with me
noe a new fren
but forget take her hp num
so sad++
thn noe another new fren
huhuhu over over
not new fren lar
jz old fren
recognise bac him recently
i was so forgetful wahaha
done a silly thing
is okay
forget about it

8++ pm go bac home
change cloth
just a tee
went to ts have movie
with ling
she come bac liao
but she wil bac to kampar tomolo
so pity==
ling!!u change to lenglui liao

ts is full
v went to pavilion
"drag me to hell"

so scary so geli ar~~~~
i not dare to watch
luckily i din scream
i learn to close my eye
eat 6 pieces nugget at cinema
as my dinner
i eat jor 2 hours~~~haha
cz the movie is too scary
i keep stop to eat wuwuwu
tis movie is nice
but really very geli a~~
when the old woman use her mouth
to bite the girl mouth???
u din sms me today++

at home whole day
now alone at home
so bad !_!
2nd day~~~~


  1. tomoro we will out again~ hahaha

  2. haha,,hav contact overover ma?
    he wan go?
    i wan to tel my fren