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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

birthday to FONGYI

post it by english
i'm lazy to write it with chinese
start listen to my story???
here v go~

i let my fren wait for me
almost one hour
how bad i was???haha
so sry ya
i din makeup ler==

long time din meet with tis gang
jz can say>>>>>>
geng gang + playful gang + funny gang
today is fongyi birthday 24.6.09
v come out together
firstly,v go carefour
to buy RED WINE
how great it was???wahahaha

thn v go cheras
dunno wat name was the shop
kaki sumthing??
seven ppl
v having steak at there

so pity i was~~~i din eat anything
cz i ord full~~~hahaha
some ppl eat so much o^^
stil not full yet
thn...... i drink red wine
yeah yeah^^
i drink>>>can say many lor
compare to normal day
cz i lose the game
how stupid i was???
i wan to win u la!!!!!!!
come to play with me one more~~~

the girls~~~~

black hand vs white hand

fat hand vs thin hand (wahahaha)
who hand r tat
guess it~~~~

after finish eat
v move to YY mountain
hahaha and
v lost our road
who say she noe the road??
but finally v reach
is safely reach^^
so scare i cant reach my birthday
hahaha choi choi choi
there r so many couple
omg so many couple at car
wat r they doing ya??
v move to mountain side there
wat girls like r??
take pic again~~~~~~
i wan to say is>>>>>
the car tat beside us
the malay couple
seem so angry to us
like v disturb them for wat they doing
v like to kacau^^
purposely ~~~~

me with yuling

u look funny
yeah yeah^^
post tis
dun kill me please

normal pose

me with lijun

me with kt

the group photo~~~~

love u all~~~
gd nite

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