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Sunday, August 2, 2009


today go meet the boss
and explain the proposal
discuss for 4 hours~~~~~

thn move to ts
v take monorial go

since my mum say is traffic jam there
so long din take monorial ord
i miz monorial
after i have my own car
i seldom take monorial more
memory flow out
when i at the train
i miz when i work at ts
i miz laiyee^^
i ways take monorial go sw
and da bao breakfast eat together with her
2 buddies eat at the staffroom
wahahaha,,and v talk a lot about sumthing
blablabla,,tats girls like chatting
sometime together with anternal
after eating
i will walk alone to ts
and open shop sendiri lor
my boss giv me the key
no ppl help me move the models
luckily kakak beside the shop will help me
hahaha,,miz her much
aiz== now everything change liao
everyone not work at sw more
and i study liao
seldom meet laiyee
everyone have their ownlife
no ppl talk xin shi with me more

ok~stop there
lets talk about i went to ts
i buy liao 1 shirt and 1 bag and makeup things
no money liao wuwuwu
nvm,now i ord can earn money for myself

*i hope i can get some great money form r2 design

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  1. you look really tired and worn out. try to get alil bit more rest lar. even though the project is really tough.