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Sunday, October 11, 2009

the night

with my lovely dog

The boys and girls... The Adams and Eves!
This is an ultimate socialising masquerade party first time ever
in Dasein Academy of Art!
Exclusively open to our beloved students! Of course, you may bring your outsider friends if you want too! with tickets - the mystery masks, are gonna be part of our party.

yesterday,10 oct 2009
attend for the event_____masquerade dating
we as the xiao design group
help our senior to build up their exhibition
there r 6 of us include me!!
design the poster and the decoration of the hall f
rom the singing competition to now change to masquerade dating
now v hav done say cheers and congratulation for our mass-com senior
u all done a great job
of course,v attend for free yuhoooo...thanks
others ned to pay rm25 for the entrance ticket first,
v ned to cover our face with the mask
first, introduce ourself
face to face
the boys moved after 30 seconds
so i need to keep repeat my name to the
luckily i'm clever
guess wat

jz write my name in the paper
and show them
one by one
whole night

playing games and dancing around

camwhore again
with all my babes
lenglui iko

baobei niewei

charming elyne

kuazhi and me
he be the emcee again for tat night

joel kacau


xiao design
6 of us

iko,r u going to fish vincent??

with 2 emcee

the pic of the day

going to station1 after the party
i haven having my dinner yet

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