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Sunday, October 4, 2009

chic pop at ZOUK

after finished the photoshoot
v went to ZOUK
its evening but not night
there having a chic pop strret market
here goes
i feel want to punch iko
when i saw tis pic
look at her~~
wow wow
cool expression
the special enough rings

wow..i feel like want to grab all of these!!!!!
don't u???

me n iko

the nice cloth
do u think it look like the
yaoyao mv shirt??
inside the zouk

nice love shape bracelet
i wan buy tis larr!!!!!
regret din buy for it~
the modern shoes
just sell for RM19!!!!
only for the middle 1
hahaha,,other i think maybe
sumthing 40++
but aso cheap enough

niewei with iko

me again with iko

thumbs-up for chic pop
feel like want to go once more time again~~~
straight away
going to celebrate mooncake festival
going bac to cheras
my popo house
and i eat 3 bowl of rice
wow wow~~~hahaha
thn i going for my dad's fren house
open house party
what a rich house!!
look at the view when v enter his house
my bro
my mum
do v look alike??
look at tis pic
the effect that my mum make it
she was using her plaster
to stick on my camera
here comes the effect~~~
mummy a~~~~~~~~~

din play candle and lantern tis year....what a pity mooncake festival

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