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Friday, April 30, 2010

yamcha session

I LOVE KOFFEE!!! tee-hee:)
located at manjalara...a new building call 甲洞坊
with lots of foods there..
i want try for the germany foods at downstair!!

let's talk about our night outing
CHILL OUT!with my beloved jiemui们
long time din meet up with u all:(
i do really miss our secondary skol time

so,this is the cafe menu
so cute design!!!
i bet all girls love this design styling!!!
don't you??

my drinks^^
forget the name ord...something oreo with coffee or chocolate???

the decoration on the wall...
so familiar illustration..where i c be4??huh???
i think maybe they bought from ikea~
i loves the blue feeling of this picture after edit from photoshop:)))

frame-ing....i took it from the wall...hahaha

ignore my pale face....
i'm running of time to meet them:(
weiwei:u look like taking the passport photo a!!!
me:no looo!!!the photo-frame more look like 车头照 lorrrr.....

another wall feeling

the softball sofa....wuhhooooo~~~~

our phone....yuhoooo~~~
belongs to mine liao!!:)

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