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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


take some points here
i'm lazy-ing
hope u guys dun mind^^

-yesterday went mikapi house overnight
-yamcha til 3 ++ midnite
-chat lots of thing
(i noe u guys all non-stop laughing)
-i sleep with the monkey cartoon^^
-i was the last1 who wokeup
(everyone wokeup except me,wahaha)
(i dunwan wake up larrrr)
(but i hear 3 ppl at there dadadadada)
(they are all online)
(buzy with their msn,fb,,and even look after for their FARM!!!!)
(iko addicted with her favourite farm)
(and she desired to buy ps1 just for palying bac the harvest moon)
(cnt play psp mer?she say not same wor)
-eat our breakfast,act is lunch
(v called up so so so many foods there)
(cant finish,arrrr!!!!)
(i'm taking ppl food here and there)
-went kepong jj playing games
(yup,,playing basketball again)
(and playing the funny game there)
(everyone no energy ord)
(they play the boat,the train,the horse!!!)
(every game ned us to move)
(i and mika cant rowing the boat!!!)
(wahahaha,,v all use up the energy fully)
-meet ziqi
(i saw her,,she saw me)
(and i pura pura c another side)
-go pm awhile and bac home
-hwiyee come my house kacau
(i intro her some famous blogger)
(she jz keep saying>> so pretty ler)
(and end up with>>>wei arrr,i wan go buy many many shirt liao lar)
-chat with anternal
(she keep saying is me not free)
(and i keep saying is she not free)
(wei,,is u la wei!!!!)

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